Cosmetic Tattoo in Brisbane

Cosmetic Tattoo in Brisbane

If you spend 10-20+ minutes a day drawing your brows on you have probably contemplated having them tattooed to save time!

There is no better time than now - especially with Revamp Cosmetic Tattoo & Aesthetics in Brisbane! Stacey has trained with some of the top artists in the world to excel her own style & technique! With a passion & flare for enhancing every clients own beauty - Stacey has fast became one of Brisbane’s leading cosmetic tattooists!

One of her most popular styles is the ombré cosmetic tattoo - which can be as soft or as defined as you like! Every brow shape is carefully mapped with you as you are apart of the process in finding your perfect shape!

Stacey developed such a love of cosmetic tattooing she soon discovered LIP BLUSH - a semi permanent colour flush to the lips that enhances shape & colour! Unlike many other artists - Stacey doesn't believe in a one shape fits every face - and tailors every treatment to her client. She gives 100% of her time & attention to every client - so they leave happy  every time!

So way choose cosmetic tattooing?

Make mornings that bit easier by not having to worry about makeup - and having perfect brows/lips every day without the effort.

They can lasts 3-4 years - colour and shape can be mildly adjusted in touch ups so you can stay in control of the whole process.

waterpoof brows & lips also is a confidence boost as eyebrows really do shape the face!

To get in contact with Stacey for more information & bookings please follow her socials @revampcosmetictattoo or email

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